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Uniting Nations are a British dance music act formed in Liverpool in 2004. They achieved chart success across Europe. The act was originally made up of Paul Keenan and Daz Sampson as band members, songwriters and producers. After their 2005 hit "Out of Touch", which was the debut and most successful single of the band, Craig Powell joined in as frontman of the band. A number of songs on the Uniting Nations' debut and only album One World, released in 2005 on Gut Records, were also performed by vocalist and session artist Jinian Wilde.
The band had chart success with two initial UK hits, "Out of Touch" and "You and Me". The band's third hit, "Ai No Corrida", a remake of the 1980 song by British musician Chaz Jankel (which was covered by American producer Quincy Jones on his 1981 album The Dude), featured the vocals of British singer and dancer Laura More. Craig Powell left in March 2006, after the release of the One World album, with the band releasing various recordings until 2008.
In April 2019, the act was revived with Daz Sampson and British singer Nona and recorded a new single called "This Love", a cover of the 1986 song "Is This Love" by American band Survivor. It was released on 14 February 2020 on label JF Productions. The act were also working on a new album.

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