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Tidy Trax Profile Details:

  • DJ Name

    Tidy Trax

  • Alias

    House music for the harder generation, Sam Townend, Making House Hard Since 1995.

  • Location

    Leeds, UK

  • Genres

    Hard House, Deep House, Bounce

  • Occupations

    Untidy Record Label

About Tidy Trax on House Party Radio

Founded 25 years ago by the Tidy Boys (a.k.a. Andy Pickles and Amadeus Mozart), the wheels on this nostalgic imprint started turning whilst this dynamic duo were hustling behind the scenes of Andy’s father’s DJ-only service, Music Factory, as studio production engineers.

It was back in 1995 when Andy Pickles and Amadeus Mozart set up Tidy Trax, which went on to be the biggest hard house label and one of the UKs biggest clubbing brands. However it wasn't until March 1999 that the boys teamed up to perform their first DJ set together.

Founders of the Tidy Trax label empire, this dynamic duo's entrepreneurial skills and forward thinking have established Tidy as the undisputed brand leader in hard dance. The Tidy label and offshoot imprints, their numerous compilation CDs, award winning tidy.com website, massive Tidy Weekender events, not to mention their Big Night Out solo events, have meant that the Tidy Boys have been at the centre of all things good in hard dance for a decade now. Before they came up with Tidy Amadeus & Andy both had a fairly prolific music and DJ career themselves individually.

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