Swifty Sessions on House Party Radio

Swifty Sessions on House Party Radio

Next Show: Every Sunday @ 00:00, Graham Swift with Swifty Sessions

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About Swifty Sessions on House Party Radio

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Swifty Sessions Shows:

  • Graham Swift with Swifty Sessions, Every Sunday 00:00 - 01:00 (60 minutes)

    Very best in current dance and big-room house music, with ‘Rewind’ tracks from past years!

Swifty Sessions Profile Details:

  • DJ Name

    Swifty Sessions

  • Alias

    Graham Swift, The Swift Sessions

  • Location

    Preston, UK

  • Genres

    Electro, House, Upfront

  • Occupations

    DJ, Producer

About Swifty Sessions on House Party Radio

Graham Swift is a DJ, Radio presenter & producer from the North West of the United Kingdom (UK).

His DJ duties currently include a residency at Vogue nightclub in Burnley and the popular clubbing brand 'Show Me Luv'.

Graham's journey began at the age of 17 after a trip to the mecca of dance music, Ibiza, he decided that he wanted to dip his toes in the world dj'ing. So when his friends were buying their first cars, Graham was saving his money up for his very first turntables.

Graham then spent that winter locked in his bedroom, learning his craft and practicing the art of dj'ing. Due to his perfectionist nature, Graham's first gig came at the age of 21 as he felt he would not be doing himself justice to have performed to an audience any sooner. After many years dj'ing in his bedroom as a hobby, he decided he was ready to try some initial guest appearances.

After a couple of guest DJ sets Graham finally gained his first residency at Preston based nightclub 'Rumes'. It was here he met fellow DJ Wez Priceless, who was the nightclub's premier DJ at the time. Through sheer hard work and determination, Graham built himself an impressive following, which ultimately led to him being asked to front the widely acknowledged brand 'Show Me Luv'.

Graham then found himself gaining more residencies at clubs such as Lava Ignite Preston, Elements Lancaster and receiving guest bookings all over the UK. Off the back of his ongoing success, Graham was looking for the next step in his career and then turned his hand to radio.

Initially in production as he teamed up with local superstar, Rock FM's very own Mark Freejack, where he produced the show 'Classic Cuts'. Freejack, who has arguably one of the best CV's in the radio industry, was blown away by Graham's commitment and quickly started shifting more responsibility to Graham, who by now was forging strong links in both the world of radio and dj'ng, something he retains today.

In the present moment Graham is now in the process of cracking the world of radio presenting, bringing the very best in dance and house music to the ears of his adoring Lancashire faithful. He has recently interviewed major UK acts such as 99 Souls and DJ Layout on his show, again another sign of the growing respect he has gained within the industry.

He also records under the name of Graham Swift, with many of his mixes widely available on websites such as Sound Cloud and Mix Cloud. Whilst some may consider his CV impressive, Graham is often dissatisfied with his work, a quality which drives him to become the best at every role he performs.

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