Roman Reiss on House Party Radio

Roman Reiss on House Party Radio

Next Show: Every Monday @ 20:00, House Risers with Roman Reiss

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About Roman Reiss on House Party Radio

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Roman Reiss Shows:

  • House Risers with Roman Reiss, Every Monday 20:00 - 21:00 (60 minutes)

    Raising the roof with the newest upfront and uplifting house releases for the start of your week!

Roman Reiss Profile Details:

  • DJ Name

    Roman Reiss

  • Alias

    Alan Roche, House Risers

  • Location

    Liverpool, UK

  • Occupations

    DJ and Producer

Roman Reiss QuickFire Q&A

  • Q: Claim to Fame?

    A: Won a bike when I was 10 entered a competition about road safety in school and got the most answers right met Chris Boardman and got a picture in the Echo. They had to keep doing retakes as they said I wouldn't smile!

  • Q: If you had a 1 Million $ dollars?

    A: Buy a house in ibiza with my own fully equipped professional recording studio with the best tech

  • Q: What is the worst song you've been ask to play?

    A: At a Wedding party the bride asked for "under the sea" from the disney film little mermaid. Let's just say I played it but it was time to take a toilet break!

  • Q: Something your parents always said?

    A: Don't give up

  • Q: Who is your idol and Why?

    A: Fatboy Slim always a fan of his music and seen him DJ in Ibiza mans got major energy and knows how to entertain a crowd and keep them locked in!

About Roman Reiss on House Party Radio

Started djing house music and learning beatmatching in the bedroom on vinyl at the age of 17 got first gig djing for an open deck night at Liverpool Hope student union at 21 gaining sufficient experience playing out to crowds of students and following his love of music and seeing people dance on a weekly basis made him push his love for music further and he was asked to join a programme based on the campus to teach young people in the area how to DJ

Since then Romans confidence had grown and he decided to enter a DJ competition known as 'Battle of the DJs' at Circo on the Albert dock in Liverpool and went on to win in securing a weekly residency on a friday night and this was officially his first residency on the Liverpool club scene . Since this Roman Reiss has gone on to DJ at several bars and clubs up and down North West. With his biggest highlights DJing to a packed out Albert Hall in Manchester and Es Paradise in Ibiza

Roman has further developed his passion in music particularly uplifting house music by spending the last 4 years learning to produce his own music. Now signed to Several record labels and has releases out on beatport, itunes and all major music platforms

keep an ear out for some of his future releases being played on House Party Radio shows

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