Rob Alexander on House Party Radio

Rob Alexander on House Party Radio

Next Show: Every Wednesday @ 20:00, This Is My House with Rob Alexander

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About Rob Alexander on House Party Radio

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Rob Alexander Shows:

  • This Is My House with Rob Alexander, Every Wednesday 20:00 - 22:00 (120 minutes)

    Weekly show bringing you a hand picked selection of the coolest cuts of old skool and nucool house and electronica

Rob Alexander Profile Details:

  • DJ Name

    Rob Alexander

  • Location

    Switzerland and Mallorca (originally from Portsmouth, UK)

  • Genres


  • Occupations

    DJ, Presenter, Producer

Rob Alexander QuickFire Q&A

  • Q: Claim to Fame?

    A: I once ate dinner with an 80s popstar who will remain nameless...

  • Q: If you had a 1 Million $ dollars?

    A: A million wouldn't get me far! I would need at least 10 Million to fund my lavish lifestyle!

  • Q: What is the worst song you've been ask to play?

    A: too many... Barbie Girl!?

  • Q: Something your parents always said?

    A: If it's too good to be true it probably is!

  • Q: Who is your idol and Why?

    A: Des Mitchell - inspired me to become a DJ when I watched him play in BCM 3 deck mixing! And now he is a friend and colleague on another station!

About Rob Alexander on House Party Radio

For over a decade Rob Alexander has been performing to thousands at resorts all over Europe, Holding down residencies in the UK, Spain, Greece, and Switzerland.

He's also been an international resident DJ for Club MTV in Greece, Sin Events in Mallorca and Ibiza and Sintilllate in Mallorca.

Over the past few years Rob has been bringing his original mix of music to multiple venues in Mallorca, and across other resorts around Europe, Including the award winning Cap Falco Beach Club, Hotel Zero, International brand Sintilllate, Billys rooftop bar in Portals, Coast Restaurant and
Upper-east nightclub in Port Adriano!

During the winter Rob can be found in the mountains of Switzerland.

Looking ahead Rob is now looking for new challenges and is currently producing his debut EP due for release in the summer of 2021.

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