R3hab on House Party Radio

R3hab on House Party Radio

Next Show: Every Sunday @ 00:00, CYB3RPVNK Radio with R3hab

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About R3hab on House Party Radio

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R3hab Shows:

  • CYB3RPVNK Radio with R3hab, Every Sunday 00:00 - 01:00 (60 minutes)

    Leading Dutch export that is R3hab presents CYB3RPVNK - creativity and exploration of sound at the forefront of its agenda!

R3hab Profile Details:

  • DJ Name


  • Alias

    Fadil El Ghoul

  • Location

    Breda, North Brabant

  • Genres


  • Occupations

    DJ and Producer

About R3hab on House Party Radio

DJ and producer R3HAB continues to take electronic music to unprecedented heights, recently being ranked the #12 DJ in the world by DJ Mag. A globetrotting talent hailed by the likes of Forbes and Billboard Magazine as one of the most iconic electronic DJs and producers, Fadil El Ghoul has spent the last 8 years garnering hundreds of millions of streams while charging ahead on the global club circuit, all without a formal record label to lean on.

R3HAB's debut album TROUBLE marked a major breakthrough for the Dutch native upon its release in the fall of 2017. Released independently, the LP has gained over 500m streams globally to date. Singles "I Just Can't", "Trouble" and "Icarus" attracted global attention and coverage upon their release and serve as proof of R3HAB's ability to adopt a more elegant, pop-driven sound, while retaining his quintessential Dutch roots.

With his second full-length studio album, "The Wave", R3HAB continued to push the boundaries of dance music. The album racked up over 250m streams within 4 months of the release, with tracks "Ain't That Why", "Hold On Tight", "The Wave", and "Lullaby" all shooting into the Billboard top 100 dance/electronic charts. His album reaffirmed to fans that R3HAB can conquer any electronic genre as he continued to solidify himself as one of the most successful independent artists in the world.

2019 sees him deliver his boldest, brightest, and biggest hit to date. He transported ATC's 2000 smash "Around The World (La La La)" to the 21st century with a modern makeover powered by house synths, thick beats, and future-facing fire. Within just a few months' time, it clocked over 50 million Spotify streams and topped Spotify charts in eight countries and landed on the Global Viral Chart. It set R3HAB up for his most massive year yet and reaffirmed his undisputed status as one of electronic music's foremost innovators.

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