Matt Heap on House Party Radio

Matt Heap on House Party Radio

Next Show: Every Tuesday @ 18:00, Trance ClassiX with Matt Heap

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About Matt Heap on House Party Radio

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Matt Heap Shows:

  • Trance ClassiX with Matt Heap, Every Tuesday 18:00 - 19:00 (60 minutes)

    Playing some of the latest and greatest classic trance anthems

Matt Heap Profile Details:

  • DJ Name

    Matt Heap

  • Alias

    Matty Thinwrists

  • Location

    Wirral, UK

  • Occupations

    IT Consultant, Occasional DJ

About Matt Heap on House Party Radio

After being introduced to the Acid House scene in the 90s, Matt Heap grew to love all things dance music. There followed some pretty challenging attempts to mix without decks, including some fun, but largely unsuccessful, tape deck mixes.

Matt soon after invested in a set of 1210 mk2 turntables, built an impressive collection of trance, old skool, and general electronic vinyl and went on to play shows for local free radio stations in the North West.

More recently, Matt has built a solid following on online streaming platforms before moving on to experimenting with live video streaming and audio visualisations.

You can now also catch Matt Heap live on House Party Radio playing some of the latest and greatest classic trance.

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