Lee Everest on House Party Radio

Lee Everest on House Party Radio

Next Show: Every Friday @ 15:00, The Friday Dance Party with Lee Everest

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About Lee Everest on House Party Radio

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Lee Everest Shows:

  • The Friday Dance Party with Lee Everest, Every Friday 15:00 - 17:00 (120 minutes)

    Join Lee for your big Friday Party Anthems with a mixture of music from the 90s 00s and 10s, mixed with some current dance anthems!

  • Ready for the Weekend with Lee Everest, Every Saturday 21:00 - 22:00 (60 minutes)

    Getting you Ready for your BIG Weekend Floorfillerz with Lee's high energy dance, party style music, house remixes and one or two club classics and anthems!

Lee Everest Profile Details:

  • DJ Name

    Lee Everest

  • Alias

    Dance Party Show, Ready for the Weekend

  • Location


  • Genres

    EDM, house, commercial dance and upbeat club classics.

  • Occupations

    Radio Presenter

About Lee Everest on House Party Radio

Lee Everest is based in the UK and has experience working on LIVE radio and for community stations!

Hi I am Lee the host of Dance Party Weekly and Ready For the Weekend.

I have several years experience in Live and VT radio. I adore dance music and love making a weekly show about it.

The Dance Party Show show is all about classics to current and in a recognisable format, which doesn't change week on week, except for special editions.

Ready For the Weekend is an hour party anthems style show to bridge the gap between daytime and weekend output. I am a proper radio geek and love making my shows, and am all about quality broadcasts

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