Hedkandi on House Party Radio

Hedkandi on House Party Radio

On Air TODAY @ 11:00 - The Hedkandi Radio Show with Hedkandi

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About Hedkandi on House Party Radio

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Hedkandi Shows:

  • The Hedkandi Radio Show with Hedkandi, Every Sunday 11:00 - 13:00 (120 minutes)

    In the Mix with the biggest funk, disco and delicious house music with Hedkandi creator Mark Doyle.

Hedkandi Profile Details:

  • DJ Name


  • Alias

    The Hedkandi Radio Show, Disco is Kandi, Delicious Hedkandi, Hedkandi 20th Anniversary, Redefining House since 1999

  • Location

    London, UK

  • Genres

    House Parties, Dance, House Music

  • Occupations

    Global Dance Phenomenon!

About Hedkandi on House Party Radio

Launched in 1999, Hedkandi has evolved from its humble compilation brand beginnings into a global dance phenomenon.

With three UK Top 10 Singles, a host of Top 40 hits and over 100 albums to date, Hedkandi is a true dance powerhouse. Not content with sound-tracking your house parties, Hedkandi branched out with London and Ibiza residencies in 2002. Now we throw hundreds of events every year from Dubai to Dublin and Sydney to Sao Paolo.

Now in it's 20th year, join Hedkandi for an amazing 20th Anniversary of shows, as we celebrate with the Hedkandi Radio Show, every Saturday @ 1pm on House Party Radio.

Redefining House since 1999.

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