DJ Cal on House Party Radio

DJ Cal on House Party Radio

Next Show: Every Monday @ 21:00, Limitless Fresh Beats with DJ Cal

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About DJ Cal on House Party Radio

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DJ Cal Shows:

  • Limitless Fresh Beats with DJ Cal, Every Monday 21:00 - 22:00 (60 minutes)

    Latest Dance, EDM and House tunes with DJ Cal in the house at the controls.

DJ Cal Profile Details:

  • DJ Name

    DJ Cal

  • Alias

    Cal, Calum, Calum Morgan

  • Location

    MID-Wales, UK

  • Occupations

    DJ and Radio Presenter

DJ Cal QuickFire Q&A

  • Q: Claim to Fame?

    A: Being part of House Party Radio of course!

  • Q: If you had a 1 Million $ dollars?

    A: Buy my own club abroad somewhere!

  • Q: What is the worst song you've been ask to play?

    A: Anything by Justin Bieber i guess!?

  • Q: Something your parents always said?

    A: Eat them carrots - they'll make you see better in the dark!

  • Q: Who is your idol and Why?

    A: My Dad as it all started with him!

About DJ Cal on House Party Radio

DJ Cal started DJing at the age of just 14, this was all thanks to his dad as he too was a DJ. Cal was also inspired from many radio stations.

Soon Cal acquired his own DJ equipment and was practising every night and loved every minute of it.

As the years came and went by, all of a sudden DJ Cal got myself a residency at my local night club and from there on he has been DJing in other clubs and events, and now on House Party Radio.

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