Craig Talent on House Party Radio

Craig Talent on House Party Radio

On Air TODAY @ 14:00 - The Talent Show with Craig Talent

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About Craig Talent on House Party Radio

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Craig Talent Shows:

  • The Talent Show with Craig Talent, Every Saturday 14:00 - 15:00 (60 minutes)

    With the best in Disco, House and Classix, there is talent in the music!

Craig Talent Profile Details:

  • DJ Name

    Craig Talent

  • Location

    Liverpool, UK

  • Occupations

    DJ, Rail Staff

Craig Talent QuickFire Q&A

  • Q: Claim to Fame?

    A: Djed with Dave and Mike in Ibiza on their boat party. They are now called Camelphat!

  • Q: If you had a 1 Million $ dollars?

    A: Move house and develop a boss home gym inside with loads of Rogue equipment - concept 2 and assault

  • Q: What is the worst song you've been ask to play?

    A: Z Cars

  • Q: Something your parents always said?

    A: Turn it down!

  • Q: Who is your idol and Why?

    A: Samantha Briggs (CrossFit legendary woman!)

About Craig Talent on House Party Radio

My name is Craig Talent I am 33 yrs old and have been DJing for 17 years in Bars and Clubs around the Uk and a few places abroad such as Ibiza etc.

I started to learn to produce music 8 years ago, which I love to do also as well as djing.

I first got into djayin when I would listen to local radio. I was bang into the music which was Scouse house at the time.

I also started slipping into the funky house world which was the music which got played in Garlands and Society (both former Liverpool clubs) and then made the switch near enough totally from Scouse house.

I love old music, especially old soul and disco tracks which get me so much inspiration to make music.

I hope to bring a unique style to house party radio and to work along side the current great team for a long time.

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