Al Shack on House Party Radio

Al Shack on House Party Radio

Next Show: Every Friday @ 21:00, Shakedown with Al Shack

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About Al Shack on House Party Radio

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Al Shack Shows:

  • Shakedown with Al Shack, Every Friday 21:00 - 23:00 (120 minutes)

    Three decades of dance anthems and disco sprinkled with some brand new bangers.

Al Shack Profile Details:

  • DJ Name

    Al Shack

  • Alias

    Shakedown, AL SHK, 2 Fat Deejays, Dj Fatal, Couch Potato, Alan Shacklady, Alan Shacklady JNR

  • Location

    Bolton, UK

  • Occupations


Al Shack QuickFire Q&A

  • Q: Claim to Fame?

    A: Fortunate enough to work with or hang out with my own musical heroes over the years including my friend Kelly Llorenna

  • Q: If you had a 1 Million $ dollars?

    A: I would build a club worth going to again and again and again

  • Q: What is the worst song you've been ask to play?

    A: I'm a massive lover of cheesy pop so there's been too many too recall but they usually get played regardless - It's usually me egging on the crowd to ask for worse stuff just to see how far I can push it

  • Q: Something your parents always said?

    A: Mum - 'When you gonna get a proper job' Dad - That's my boy!

  • Q: Who is your idol and Why?

    A: Grab the sick bucket for this soppy answer but my idol would be my dad - Growing up he was a singer and guitarist & I loved watching him on stage command a crowd and make everyone happy

About Al Shack on House Party Radio

20 + Year club veteran from Bolton

worked across the north west in clubs such as Mr Smiths - Warrington, Tokyo Jo's - Preston, Liquid - Blackburn, Sol & Viva - Bury, Ikon, Jaxx, J2, Attic - Bolton

Spent 7 years working local radio, Remixes under names AL SHK, 2 Fat Deejays, Dj Fatal & Couch Potato

Runs his own brand called Discoland with various club nights and podcasts under various Sub Names within the brand Including Jaxx, Ritzy, We Came To Bounce, Dirty Candy and Shakedown to name a few

Al Shack Latest Updates & Socials

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