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Ultrabeat are a British electronic dance music group from Liverpool, England formed in 2002. Originally consisting of vocalist and producer Mike Di Scala and producers Ian Redman and Chris Henry, Ultrabeat first emerged with their cover of the Force & Styles song "Pretty Green Eyes", which peaked at number two on the UK Singles Chart 2003. They released further singles including top forty hits such as "Feelin' Fine", "Better than Life" and "Elysium (I Go Crazy)", followed by their début album Ultrabeat: The Album in 2007, which peaked at number eight on the UK Albums Chart
In 2008, Ultrabeat released "Discolights", a collaboration with Darren Styles and Danny P, which peaked at number twenty three on the UK Singles Chart. Their second album, The Weekend Has Landed, released in 2009 and peaked at number twenty nine on the UK Albums Chart.

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