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James Newman may refer to:

James Newman (musician), English singer-songwriter
James Newman (actor) (born 1992), actor who starred on MTV's 2011 series Skins
James C. Newman, American engineer and materials scientist
James H. Newman (born 1956), American astronaut
James R. Newman (1907–1966), mathematician and mathematical historian
James W. Newman (1841–1901), Democratic politician in Ohio
James Newman (Canadian politician) (1903–1963), Liberal-Labour politician in Ontario, Canada
James Newman (geriatrician) (1903–1983), New Zealand geriatrician and medical superintendent
James Newman (mining engineer) (1880–1973), Australian mining engineer and grazier
James Newman-Newman (1767–1811), British naval officer
Jim Newman (television producer) (born 1933), film and television producer
Jim Newman (actor), actor and writer
Jim Newman, member of the Village People
Jimmy C. Newman (1927–2014), American country music and cajun singer-songwriter

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