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Faithless are an English band that formed in 1995, with its core members being Rollo, Sister Bliss and Maxi Jazz. Their first album Reverence was released in 1996 and their most recent, All Blessed in 2020. They have sold millions of physical records, and after their catalogue was uploaded to streaming sites in 2018, they average over 400,000 streams a day. Faithless' records have charted at number 1 in numerous countries and they were voted 4th greatest dance band of all time by Mixmag.
Their musical style is often political. Their most recent album All Blessed, uses award-winning photo-journalist Yannis Behrakis' picture of refugees on the front, focusing on immigration as its core theme.
Faithless have headlined numerous major festivals in Europe and beyond, including Glastonbury. Their lyrics have been quoted in both the US Senate and the Houses of Parliament.

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